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    Follow-ups from October Tableau User Group meeting

    Stacy Sterling

      Hi all,


      Thanks for coming on Monday!  It was great to see so many new faces and hear from two really interesting speakers--a big thanks again to Arpit Shah and Mika Kalaw!


      Just some follow-ups and helpful links for you all:

      • Rob and I mentioned that you can import your brand's colours (or any other colours) as a custom colour pallete.  This is a huge time-saver.  Check out how to do it here
      • Mika's presentation on designing data & infographics is attached in PDF form
      • For those looking for job opportuinites:  RXP are looking to expand their Tableau capability within their practice and are keen to talk to consultants at all levels who are passionate about Tableau.  For more information, please contact Zaitye Ukus
      • We talked a bit about some examples and use cases of the Javascript API.  My (very basic) code is up on git, but there are also much better resources than mine!  A couple that I used while learning were this tutorial from Tableau and this talk from the 2014 conference
      • As always, we are keen to get feedback on the group.  Please feel free to contact Rob or me with any comments.


      We are sorting out dates and details for our hands-on Viz Competition in December (I'll post info once it's confirmed)...hope to see you then!