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    How to restrict users to the comment field on the server?

    Diana Lukaschuk

      Dear all,


      please help!

      I use one Dashboard where I have different countries having only access to their countries data.

      The comment field would be very useful for them to use but if one countries does make a comment then the others should not see it.


      How to solve that?


      Thanks for your help in advance.


      Kind rgds


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          David Walker

          no way to do that w/o hacking or writing a custom app.

          fortunately, there was a session at TC16 by ALEXIS GUINEBERTIERE on this very topic


          Turning Any Dashboard into a Comment Database

          To kick off this action-packed developer-oriented session, we will use a commenting app that lets end users annotate marks. You will see how to expand what Tableau can do with write-backs and mash-ups. We’ll dive into the nuts and bolts of hooking up a viz to a web application, and review some technical pitfalls when deploying to Server. Along the way we’ll also build a simple Ruby on Rails comments app in minutes that you can bring home and apply to your own workbooks.


          and you can now watch it live!

          click on the link below, login or register and watch!

          note:  this IS the link to the video.  the page title is replacing the URL when i paste it in ...

          Sign Up | Tableau Conference Live