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    Map Unknown Locations Help



      I have data that contains state as a dimension, but few of the data points are represented as "Unknown".

      I would like to have all unknown data points grouped together and show only 1 location on the map.


      Any idea on how to achieve this would be really helpful.

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          Sarah Ebreo

          Hi Jayachandra,


          You can display all the unknown locations in one place by entering the Latitude and Longitude for each unknown location.


          1. Go to Map > Edit Locations...
          2. Click the drop down for each unrecognized location and select the "Enter a Latitude and Longitude" option from the top of the list.
          3. Enter Latitude and Longitude to manually map each value to a location on the map.


          You can then group the unknown locations together so they are displayed as one point. I've attached a workbook as an example. Hope this helps!