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    Sort by deal range and agents

    Giovanni Artavia


      I have a chart based on sales agents and their corresponding $ sales amounts for and specific period, categorized by deal size or deal range.  The challenge that I am facing is that we wanted to sort them using this logic:


      1. We want to show first at the left the agents that had the bigger contribution in deals greater than $1M, then we want to see the agents with deals between 500K-1M, etc.  It should look like a waterfall chart...


      I was able to sort the deals bigger than $1M, but I need to replicate the behavior in the other deal buckets.  I did it creating a calculated field, that I added to the rows and sort descending, but I feel this is not the right approach.


      I cannot upload a sample of the project, but I am attaching a screenshot of the data source, and how it looks the chart unsorted, and how it looks after sort the 1st bucket.


      Thank you in advance for all your support.