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    Unable to login to Oracle DB

    Dinesh Jibhe

      Hi All,


      I have a query while connecting to Oracle database.


      I am following the below steps :-


          Open Tableau

          Click on ‘Connect To Data’

          Under ‘On Server’ section -> Click on ‘Other Databases (ODBC)’

          On the right hand side, under ‘Connect Using’ section -> Click on Driver radio button

          From the Driver dropdown , select ‘Oracle in OraClient11g_home1’ -> Click on Connect

          Enter ‘Service Name’

          Enter ‘User Name’

          Enter ‘Password’ and Click on ‘Ok’. It gets connected.


          After getting connected .

          Under Connection Attributes :-

          Server :- <give the Hostname of the db server>

          Database : <give the db name>

          Port: <port number of the db>

          Username: <username of the db user>

          Password: <password of the db user>

          String Extras : <keep it as-is>


           Click on Ok button


      On Clicking it, this gives me an error stating :-


      ‘Invalid username or password’, though with the same credentials I am able to login in-to the database with other database clients.


      Request you to please help.