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    Calculate two Seasonal forecast in tableau 10 with having two dates in scenario

    Shaifali Singh

      Hi Guys,


      This is my first in this forum.


      Am actually trying to do forecasting with additive seasonal .


      The challenge by facing is

      I have sales data for various months

      Lets say i have 10 customers and i have past months sales data for all of them.

      Now i want to see the forecast for future months.


      But each customer has contract end date and it is different for all customers.


      What my challenge is i want tableau to predict only the forecast@ till their end date and go beyond that say 12 months by default.


      Eg: Customer A   has end date dec 2016

      Customer B has end date June 2017

      and i want tableau to predict the forecast for individual customers and some how want to restrict the prediction by their end month.