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    Is there a way to create a search box in Tableau? Can you give me ideas?

    bharathwaj vijayakumar

      Hello all,


      I need to create one search box where the user can search for a question. Just like how in Tableau Support, when you search for something, it shows you the existing articles about it. Similarly, when a user searches for a question, the dashboard should show all the worksheets related to that question and he user should be able to pick one.


      For ex: If the user searches for 'SAT vs Performance of students', it should show the sheets that has those key words in it. Lets say we have a sheet that is called 'SAT scores by college' and another sheet called 'SAT by Major'. The search should show the user both the options and the user should be able to pick one of them and then the sheet should display.


      Is this possible in Tableau? If possible, do you have ideas on how to do it?