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    Periodically Project Status in Tooltip


      Hello vizzers,


      I want to combine different techniques to visualize the Project Status in a Tooltip.

      Each project has its project status consisting of several indicators which are collected periodically mid month.

      This sounds like I need a LOD Calculation using {FIXED } but I have issues combining it with the latest period date.

      I only want to see the latest entry and visualize it in the tooltip.


      I followed this article here: https://interworks.co.uk/blog/tableau-tooltips-conditional-formatting/


      My problem is, that the tooltip shows now multiple dots because it is not considering the latest period but all periods...

      So I though I just need to take the MAX([PeriodStartDate]) and combine it with a LOD Calc. I saw something similar here:


      Workbook: Florida State Seminoles - The Comeback Kids_AM


      Where they use the LEFT() function to determine the # of dots to visualize, for me it would be 0 or 1.




      {fIXED [Season], [Game] : MAX(IF [Team] = 'Florida State' AND [Quarter as Numeric] = 1 THEN [Score] END)})


      But I can't get the latest period start date because I can't compare Boolean and Date or Agg and non-Agg values :\


      This is what I tried but failed with errors:


      LEFT(IIF([Status] = "Green", "•", ""),

      { FIXED [Project ID]: IF MAX([Report Period (Start)]) = [Report Period (Start)] THEN 1 ELSE 0 END})

      With error: Cannot mix agg and non-agg arguments with this function and pointing to the equal sign.


      Anyone can help me?

      I will setup a sample workbook but I need some free time for that. Maybe you can help me already with the information provided.


      Thank you all in advance!