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    Data Analytics Unleashed - Presentation Material (07/2016)


      Data Analytics Unleashed was held on July 21, 2016 at the Charles Schwab facility in Lone Tree, CO.


      This event showcased a four-person user group panel and six data rockstars sharing their stories about the Alteryx/Tableau Community and demonstrating how these tools have empowered them to provide insights to their organizations and clients.


      User Group Panel

      • Cady Brooks (Alteryx User Group - Boulder, CO)
      • Denise Peck (Tableau User Group - Denver, CO)
      • Heather Ditillo (Tableau User Group - Boulder, CO)
      • Michael Perillo (Alteryx/Tableau User Group - Phoenix, AZ)



      • Chris Cox - Tableau Live Demo
      • Erik Miller - How Leveraging Big Data makes Cyber Security More Effective
      • George Peck - Floating Downstream: Radio Station Streaming Statistics with Alteryx and Tableau
      • Philip Riggs - Improving Avian Influenza Emergency Response with Alteryx
      • Sarah Ackerman - Customer Driven Marketing with Alteryx and Tableau
      • Treyson Marks - The Alteryx Impact at Knight Transportation