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    How to display text in the cells from SharePoint ?

    Laura Jonutyte

      Hello, I have connected Tableau to the Sharepoint file, which is a table, easily exported to .xls, everything with data is OK except for that I cant display a column with the text data. When I add a dimension with the text to it shows nothing but dots like "..."  and then again "..."  if there is some text in new line and the normal text is seen only in the pop-up window when I point the mouse to the specific cell where the text should be. Do you know how to solve it ?

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          David Li

          Hi Laura, can you share a packaged workbook for us to see?


          Just from your description, it sounds like you need to add at least one dimension to your sheet to get your level of detail to the same granularity as your data source. You're probably seeing ellipses because there are actually multiple aggregations within each displayed cell, and Tableau can't display them all simultaneously. Try adding identifying dimensions to your rows shelf until you get the one that gives you the correct granularity (where only one text item appears per row).