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    Is it possible to create missing data

    ChandraSheker A

      Hi everyone,

      I have a requirement to show all the missing dates and status of it.

      In briefly  let see in below Picture.


      Lets start looking at the last 3 records, and the value after field which is changing between 1,2,6 etc.

      i need to create a calculation where

      sep 15,2016   is 1,

      sep 16, 2016  is 1,..... till Sep 31st(since Oct 1 record changes to 2)

      since Oct 1 2016 is 2, in need to fill up next dates Oct 2nd ,3rd, with 2

      again Oct 4 2016 changed to 1, so the next dates after oct 4th must carry value of 1......


      Hope i am clear. Below is the Picture which i am looking for the results to be like.


      Oct 4,2016            1


      ..... until Today()

      How to create a calculation either creating date and changing values instead of selecting Show missing values in the Date.

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          Keshia Rose

          Hi Chandra,


          I have at least part of a possible solution.


          1. Turn on "Show Missing Values" for your date

          2. Use the following calculation that will fill in the empty values with the previous number

          IF SUM([Value])>0 THEN SUM([Value]) ELSE PREVIOUS_VALUE(0) END

          This gets you about half way there, but I can't think of a way to get the rest of the days (Oct 5 - Today) to show up without adding a dummy row in your data set for today.


          Hopefully this can help you get to an answer.


          Take care,