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    Making charts by county

    gene shackman

      I have a workbook that I start with a map dashboard, showing counties, then I can click on a map to go to a county dashboard table.


      Now I want to be able to click on an indicator in the table and get to a chart that shows values for that indicator by one county. I have a table showing the values, but I want charts.  Three questions, one should be simple.


      1. How to link the indicators on the table dashboard to the table on the county dashboard, that is, link one dashboard to another.


      2. I would like to have it so that when you click on an indicator on table dashboard, you see -only- the values for that indicator on the county dashboard.


      3. I'm trying to show a chart of the values, but there are 62 counties, plus 5 race/ethnic groups, so it gets all smushed together in the charts I try. How to show unsmushed?