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    Measure Display




      I have some data in excel which I am using in tableau that shows the days of week a service operates on.

      The data is by date and by destination and origin in the following format


      07 AUG 17 MON XXX XXX (XXX is destination and origin)


      An entry can appear in the list of data more than once if it operates another day.



      In tableau I have the origin as a column and the destination as a row and the day e.g. Monday as my measure.


                     XXX   XXX

      XXX    MON

      XXX                 MON, TUE


      This is fine but when a service operates Daily instead of showing MON TUE etc I want it just to display Daily. I have tried CASE & IF but they don't seem to work as each individual day is in a different row and tableau doesn't seem to recognize them all together.

      Just wondering if anyone has any ideas?