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    How can I lock TWBX file for changes

    Fabio Guimaraes

      Hi Guys!


      I'm putting a .twbx file in a directory at the company where people can access using Tableau Reader but I'm afraid that people with Tableau Desktop edit the file also.

      Is it possible to lock my twbx file or create a password to avoid changes?



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          Sreekanth Kasaraneni

          Hi Fabio,


          The scenario which you trying to achieve to my knowledge might not be possible at desktop level.


          But if you have tableau server.You can publish the workbook to server and restrict the users from edit the workbook by giving the users viewer access.


          Another way is to restrict users from accessing the workbook is by  placing the workbook in a folder and provide permissions to particular users at the windows level on the folder.