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    Create multiple volatile tables in Initial SQL

    Ernesto Arakaki

      Good afternoon,


      I've been working with Tableau for a couple weeks, and I'd like to receive information on an issue we had recently.

      We need to create two volatile tables and populate them to create an extract. The extract will contain data obtained from both tables. In order to achieve this, we pasted the "create table" code for both tables in the Initial SQL box.

      But we've noticed two different responses if we followed different steps.


      If we log in into the Database (Teradata) and add the "create table" query,  we receive a "Data definition not valid unless solitary" error message.

      If we add the "create table" query in the "Initial SQL" before connecting to the Database, both tables are created and we can create the extract.


      How does the Initial SQL work? Is there any validation of the SQL code and when is it done?


      Thanks and regards.