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    Susan Kurian


      We are new to Tableau and would like to know how can we set up users on Tableau server who needs to see workbooks from more than one project? What would be the best way to do this? We can have groups set up on the AD, but we still have instances where some people in a group can view reports from another project. For eg; The Registrar group have access to the Registrar project; but what if people in that group need access to another workbook in another project. What would be the best way to do that?



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          Toby Erkson

          There's no simple answer because...

          • Is your Tableau Server licensing core-based or user-based?
          • How many Projects are there or will there be?
          • How many people are using the Server?  Guest access (if core-licensing is used)?
          • Only Active Directory groups allowed, or local groups allowed, or can there be individuals?  All of the above?
          • How many people do you expect to be in more than one Project?
          • How often will such cross-use requests happen?


          Our setup:

          • Core-based licensing with Guest access ON
          • individual, AD groups, and local Groups
          • over 4K registered users but just over 1/4 of them have actually logged on to the Server

          We have Users who belong to multiple Groups and I add them when requested.  The time taken for this is so short and doesn't happen a lot.  New Server Users get placed into a Group as part of fulfilling their Server access request; individual existing Users can be added by Project Leaders or I place them in a Group when requested.  Naturally, using an AD group is nice for Project permissions because that is a set-once-and-forget for the Tableau Server admin    We have another team that takes care of AD requests (AD administration).

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            Srinidhi Narayan

            Have you reviewed the online documentation on managing users and groups, and content: Users


            If you expect to have users crossing group boundaries, and didn't want to manage that in AD, you should be able to manage users / group membership on Tableau Server.