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    How to create a cumulative running total? Even when there's no change

    Shelby Lovejoy

      Hello Tableau Community!


      Hoping to get some help.

      I've created this data visual that shows how many products we've created over time as well as the products we've finalized.

      Created products are in gray and finalized products are in blue.


      Right now (see - Running Total - Tableau attachment) - it doesn't show the sum when there's no change.

      i.e. From Oct 2015 to Nov 2015 we created 6 products

      and from Nov 2015 to Dec 2015 there were no new products. Thus the total should be 6 but instead it shows no gray bar. 

      Instead it doesn't show the gray bar until next month when we added a couple more products.


      GOAL PDF shows what I'm trying to achieve.


      Let me know if you know any tricks that can help me!