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    How to manage performance through data presentation


      I recently ran this presentation at an internal session.  The initial slides were from a presentation which James Eiloart the Tableau EMEA CEO presented and kindly allowed me to adapt, which I combined with some slides from the Alteryx conference and added a few of my own. The theme is around how scribbles and lines can help you to manage performance through data.


      Some of the slides I have had to redact the screen shots or delete the slides altogether, however you could use this as a template and add in your own work.


      The deck includes -


      • Getting people to draw each other and the apprehension caused
      • Digital age of disruptive businesses
      • Exploration and analysis of data
      • The creative journey
      • How incremental gains can make a difference


      Hopefully you will find it useful, potentially in a TUG session.  Let me know if you would like any further details or for me to jump on a WebEx and take you through it in detail.