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    How to host Tableau Server on a Private Cloud?

    Michael Gao

      Hi Guru,

           We have a customer who wants to deploy/host Tableau Server on its corporate private cloud, let’s call this customer “CorpC”.

           CorpC is a big group company in China with over 2000 sub companies all around the country and world, their IT strategy is to migrate all the IT systems (of course include the new systems) of all the sub companies to its new built private corporate cloud. So CorpC is talking with us to settle in Tableau Server on its cloud.

      Actually, this cloud is a kind of market place and provide different services to its sub companies. Sub company can browse the category, and click “apply” or “purchase” to buy and setup an environment, seems pretty like Amazon (in fact they’re utilizing Ali cloud solution as you may know Alibaba is Chinese Amazon but bigger).  We talked about 3 ways to settle in Tableau Server:

      Option 1: CorpC cloud only provide VM environment to the sub companies for running Tableau Server. In this way, Tableau Server is actually on-premise deployment although the server is on some cloud. And in this way, we don’t need to talk anything more with CorpC, just to sell software to its sub companies as before. But this way is NOT what corpC want.

      Option 2: Some kind of “Tableau Online Corp C Edition”, CorpC buy Tableau Server license and deploy it on its cloud, they can create sites/user accounts to its sub companies, and they can charge cost by user-account/year.

      Option 3: CorpC Cloud Hosted Tableau Server.  They do some initial deployment on the cloud and put a link in the market place, when a sub company wants to buy and setup, the cloud automatically setup a Tableau Server environment for it and triggers a purchase workflow to handle the “license purchasing process from Tableau Company”.


      CorpC prefers to Option3…… if possible; if not possible, can consider Option2. But for Option2 and Option3, I need more suggestion from you guys:

      1. For option 2, what is the mechanism of Tableau Online working? When a customer subscribe 50 accounts for a year, what’s been done on the “Online Server” and what’s the deliverables to the customer?
      2. For Option3, it seems that our company is also trying to host Tableau Server on Amazon/Azure/Google, but is it READY now? What needs to be done to do such a “clouding hosting”?
      3. For Option2, is it compatible with EULA if CorpC buys Tableau Server but rent it to its sub-companies and collect cost (or make money)?


      I know I can count on you, many many thanks in advance.


      Michael Gao | 高云龙