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    Tableau (10.0.1) - Presto  ODBC connection

    Ameya Mahajan

      Currently I am running into issue on Tableau Desktop while connecting to Presto. I am using ODBCdrivers. I am not using Web Data Connector as it does not provide interactive / Live query.

      I am able to connect to Presto Cluster and able to get the Schema list it fails to show the tables in schema Also, when I try Custom SQL feature in tableau it fails.

      Below is the error from Tableau Log file generated when I try to search for Tables or when I try to use Custom SQL feature:

      error-records": [


        "error-desc": "[Teradata][Presto] (1060) Presto Query Error: catalogName is not lowercase (65536)",

        "error-record": 1,

        "native-error": 1060,

        "sql-state": "HY000",

        "sql-state-desc": "SQLSTATE_GENERAL_ERROR_ODBC3x"



        "file": "\/Volumes\/build\/builds\/tableau-10-0\/tableau-10-0.16.0917.1429\/modules\/connectors\/tabmixins\/main\/db\/ODBCProtocolImpl.cpp",

        "line": 1646,

        "protocol": "7fac40d4b330",

        "retcode": -1,

        "retcode-desc": "SQL_ERROR"


      Steps to re-produce error

      1) Open Tableau

      2) Select Data-source as Presto

      3) Use custom search tables / use ``custom query` option


      Tool versions: - Tableau: 10.0.1 - Presto: 0.142 - ODBC driver version: 1.1.3