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    Google Sheets error after publishing viz

    Michelle Rojas

      I created a visualization, and published it on my site successfully.  We were getting feedback from users, and it was fine.  Then today, I went to my site to see it, and make some updates, and I see this:



      Here's the url to my page: POS Disparities


      I didn't make any changes to the GoogleDocs spreadsheet after making the visualization.  Not sure what the problem is.


      I can't see the visualization in TableauPublic website either, same error message.


      When I go to TableauPublic app, I can see my visualization just fine, and I can refresh my data (the GoogleDocs spreadsheet).  Then I try to save the visualization and get this message:

      "Internal Server Error"

      "Data Source Exception"


      I tried saving with a different name, same error.


      Any suggestions?