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    Count, how many days used is month

    kishan borad

      Hi, everyone


      I want to know, what is formula for count the days which are used in particular month.


      Ex. In my data,  Month         Day         Sale

                                march          13            2

                                march          20            1

                                may               2             1       

      I want this data like,


                                Month      Count 

                                march          2

                                may             1                         


      Here, wants to count the only days, which are use in months.


      Please, share any kind of help.




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          Carl Slifer

          Hi Kishan,


          If you place Month on your rows shelf and then right-click + drag your day field to the text shelf of your marks column. Choose the Count Distinct option.  Is your data divided so that you have month names in columns and you have day numbers in columns? It would probably be preferable to use data that had an actual date stamp. This would allow you to make line continuous between years, trend lines, do other types of analysis and it allows you to do these calcs if you have multiple years.


          Best Regards,

          Carl Slifer