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    Dual axis combo chart?

    Suzanne Parr

      I'm trying to display a few measures together.  I can get part of a combo chart to work, but can't seem to add in the last measure I want to include.

      I'd like to show the total targeted spend in $, the total actual spend in $ against the # of FTEs.  I can get the total actual spend against the FTEs but can't quite figure out how to add in the total targeted spend.  As soon as I drag the measure to the rows shelf the entire graph changes. Ideally I'd see a bar for each YTD actual , target  and then the line is the FTEs against the second axis.

      I am very new to Tableau and haven't found this elsewhere but I am sure its been done.

      Thank you!


      Found a video from another poster that got me closer--see second screen shot below.  But while it shows what I thought I wanted, it looks awful.  Any suggestions?



      This gets me closer but I don't want to stack the bars, I need to compare the target spend and the actual spend, not stack them on top of each other.  That makes the 2015-16 spend look like it was $3.4M but that is the combined total of target and actual.



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