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    Date Filter Click to Months - Follow-Up

    Dee Scott

      This is a follow-up to my question about creating date filters which "click" to months (link to that thread at foot of this post) for a datasource which has a single row per month, all dated 1 Jan 2016, 1 Feb 2016, 1 Mar 2016... 1 Aug 2016 etc.


      Thanks to David Li I've managed to work around using date parameters.


      My follow-up question though is... what happens next month when I update my datasource with entries for 1 Sep 2016? My parameters were created using "Allowable Value = List" then "Add from Field > Date". If I have this right the list entry for 1 Sep 2016 will NOT be added automatically.


      I have seen the Knowledgebase article for "Creating a Date Range Filter That Automatically Updates | Tableau Software " but that relies on using "Allowable Values = All", which defeats the original desire to prevent users selecting dates other than the first of the month.


      I tried adding future months to the "Allowable Values" list, but they are immediately available in the slider even though there are no values for those dates.


      Any ideas?





      Date Filter Click to Months