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    Gauge Chart (Speedometer)

    Toh Wangting

      I have a speedometer that is made of donut charts. The chart works fine when only data for one month is included. However, after adding date for another month, the chart goes haywire, some parts of the speedometer is cut off. The shape of the chart is supposed to look at this (shown below).

      Does anyone have any idea how to solve this problem such that when i click on the drop-down parameters for groups and reporting period, the chart will be reflected correctly?

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          Simon Runc

          hi Toh,


          As all the fields which control your speed-gauge are pre-calculated, I can't see the logic on why it breaks down when you change to a different month. I suspect the "manual" colouring set up



          is set up for the first month, and some of these need different assignments for the different month.


          I would always strongly advise against using Speed Gauges, as there are much better ways (Bullet Charts) for showing Actual vs Target (and similar).


          Below is a blog (albeit tongue-in-cheek) on how to create these using background images (which won't require such bespoke colour assignments for each situation)...this blog also has some links to articles explaining why speed gauges are a pretty bad way to visualise this


          Dueling Data: Gauge Hate


          and here is another article critiquing Speed-gauges vs bullet-charts.

          Why Bullet Graphs Pack More Punch than Gauge Charts | Tableau Software