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    Product gain/loss/churn

    Nick Foley

      So, ive done this in my sql db with a CTE, but could likely be done in Tableau and easier.


      I have a transactional table updated the 1st of every month.  All the dates are thus "8/01/2016"


      I have my data in the following format.


      "Customer Parent Company, Customer Sub Company, Product Line, Product, Revenue, Date"


      Our customers have a two tier heiarchy and so do our products.


      I want to


      1. Create a flag if a  customer adds a new product over last month

      2. Create a flag if a customer loses a product over last month

      3. Sum the flags by product, to see what products are moving/losing.



      Possible in Tableau?  It was extremely tricky to do this with a CTE in Sql.