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    Table Formatting

    Chamanpreet Kahlon

      Hi I was wondering if someone could help me.


      I need help formatting a tables:


      For the first one I think I have too many fields in the row tab and the data seems to be getting squashed, and a littel unreadable.


      In the second one I can't seem to get the table to look like this:Contact Table - What I want it to look like.png


      This is what it looks like: Contact Table.png


      All help greatly appreciated

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          Sagar Agarwal

          Hi Chamanpreet,


          I think moving the dimensions from the Columns shelf to the Rows shelf will make the data look like in the first screenshot.

          However, if that is not what you want, can you please share a packaged workbook with the data (or sample representative data) and attach here so that I can take a look?