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    How to get rid of 'NULL' value in filter when joining 2 tables

    Yew Seng Lai

      Hi all,


      I am trying to join 2 tables (Branch A, Branch B), both join with Branch Name, they can match perfectly. There is no branch name in Branch A that not exist in Branch B or vise versa.


      There is a extra info (Tier) in Branch B, so I need to drag it out and filter it.


      When I show the Tier column filter, there is All, NULL, 1, 2. Suppose I only will have All, 1 and 2. Why there is a NULL? When I filter Tier = NULL, no result! Anyone knows why??


      I need to create a dashboard that have this filter that only showing "All, 1 or 2". It is very confusing to show NULL.


      Please help!