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    Initial SQL on Datasource - [DatasourceName]?

    Jason White

      According to Run Initial SQL, there are 5 parameters that can currently be passed to the Initial SQL. One of these is [WorkbookName].


      We use non-inline Datasources published to our Tableau Server. When I try to pass [WorkbookName] to our database from within one of these Datasources, it's blank. All the others show up. Is there another field available to identify the datasource, something like [DatasourceName]?

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          Patrick Van Der Hyde

          Hello Jason,


          For the lack of the variable appearing portion of the question.  Is the datasource a published data source on server or an embedded data source contained just within the workbook?  I ask because the documentation states that the WorkBookName value is only usable for an embedded connection type. 


          There are no references I can locate for passing the name of the datasource as a parameter.  You might consider adding this as an Ideas  if the use case is one that could be valuable to several users of Tableau.  Remember to vote up your own Idea if you do add it.