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    TUG Meeting Content Idea: Tablueprints

    Ryan Sleeper

      Hi All -


      Kansas City just hosted their Q3 meeting and I wanted to share how it went along with a new content idea that was used. We had two sessions in our last meeting:


      1. An overview of the new features in Tableau 10

      2. "How it's Made in Tableau" (which I later changed to "Tablueprints")


      For the Tablueprints portion of the presentation, we had two different presenters show the behind the scenes making of their Tableau Public visualizations for 20 minutes each. I thought the presentations went over well because they both included useful tutorials that spanned all skill levels. The presenters can also choose which Tableau Public visualizations to show, which means you can pick timely and/or regional topics. For example, we covered two visualizations related to the Summer Olympics and one related to the Kansas City Royals.


      This behind the scenes making / how it's made / Tablueprints (whatever you choose to call it) can really work for any tactical topic that you want to teach. This time, our presentations covered:


      • Parameters
      • Dashboard actions
      • Mapping custom shapes
      • Tiled vs. floating
      • Scraping web data using import.io
      • Google Sheets import functions
      • Unions in Tableau
      • Device Designer


      I have attached the deck for my portion of the presentation, though it is basically just an introduction and previews of the dashboards that were presented. There are some notes about where the data came from and links to the Tableau Public versions. I also showed how you can download Tableau Public visualizations from the web as a way to learn Tableau.


      If you would like a headstart on one Tablueprint, I have a full write-up for one of the three visualizations that was presented at: Tablueprint 1: My US Stock Portfolio | Ryan Sleeper


      Please let me know if you have any questions,

      - Ryan