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    Highlighting an action filter sheet in green

    ameya v

      I am working on client requirement. I have 4 business regions and i have its sales trends and quantity sold trend . in my first dashboard is the first cut view. where i have 4 regions as my sheets which act as action filters . Upon selection of a certain Business Area, i want it to Turn Green and rest should remain as they are. So when i Select North Region , it should look like "Dashboard For North" . SImilarly when i Select South Region , it should look like "Dashboard For South".


      Hereby attaching the excel file and the Tableau Workbook as well

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          Hi Ameya,


          Tableau has multiple ways to Rome. Changing background of Highlight is not a feature yet in Tableau.

          But You can make use of the Bar Chart , Transparency to achieve your requirement. PFA.

          Please check the all Regions Dashboard


          Final Output :


          Steps :


          1.Add min(1.1) to your Column Shelf,


          2.Edit axis and make it fixed End to 1.1


          3.Increase the Size of Mark to Maximum

          4.Hide axis by deselecting "Show Header" on the axis right click

          5.Change Color of Mark to Green

          6. Set Transparency to 0.

          7. Remove Min(1.1) from Tool tip or you can right click on the min(1.1) pill on view and deselect Include in Tooltip


          I just changed the size of view to make it fit to the entire view of the square and hide the Title to look good.


          Hope this helps.