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    Tableau 10 Email Subscriptions Issue (just for one person)

    Rahul Ahluwalia

      I have a dashboard that has permissions enabled for a group (custom permissions with email subscription enabled). Every single person in that group receives the email as intended except for one person. She receives the common subscription error: the view cannot be rendered. What can cause this? I am at a total loss and have no clue how to fix. Steps attempted:


      1. I have subscribed myself (administrator) to the exact same custom view and schedule and I am able to receive the email just fine
      2. I have also subscribed a non-admin and he is able to receive the email just fine
      3. I have subscribed the person receiving the error to other dashboards in Tableau and for those she is able to receive the email just fine indicating that there is not an issue with her email address or anything alike


      Any suggestions in addition to what I have already tried?


      FYI - this was an issue in Tableau 9.3 also.

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          Hey Rahul Ahluwalia,


          If you receive a subscription with this error message, there could be several reasons:

          • Missing credentials: Some views are published with embedded credentials. You may receive the above error if the embedded credentials are now out-of-date, or if the view was republished without the embedded credentials.
          • Database temporarily down: If the view has a live database connection and the database was temporarily down when the subscription was being generated, you might receive the above error.
          • Background process timeout: By default, the background process that handles subscriptions times out after 30 minutes. In the majority of cases, this is plenty of time. However, if the background process is handling an extraordinarily large and complex dashboard, that may not be enough time. You can check the Background Tasks for Non Extracts admin view to see if that's the case. To increase the timeout threshold, use the tabadmin option subscriptions.timeout.


          Have you tried out these steps yet?

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