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    Original Data with Parameter Data

    Trish Frentress

      I'm VERY new to Tableau and have a course project I'm working on and need help with being able to show ORIGINAL DATA and PARAMETERS DATA together.


      I've successfully uploaded my excel data and created calculated fields as needed to recreate all the fields in our excel database.  Our next portion of the project is to make certain fields parameters so we can create an interactive dashboard.  I created a bar over bar chart in hopes of having all the original data and variables stay and for the 2nd portion to update to the parameters that the end user enters.  However, I know there must be an easier way than making duplicates of all my calculated fields to use for the parameters.


      I also tried to make that second workbook and updated all my calculations to use the parameters but now my original data is changing too.


      I tried to create a "Fixed" set of fields as suggested on our school forum but they said to "hard code" the values and I have no idea what that entails. <sigh>


      I have a 2 tableau workbooks and the excel database file (live) but now quite sure how to prepare those files to attach to the community.  If someone could please help me with this project I would sure love to learn a better more efficient way to get this bar over bar chart to work so I can create my Dashboard.  Thank you in advance.