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    Need Help in Selecting the Visualization  and Charts for Creating a Dashboard

    Larsen Rennie

      Hello All


      i am trying to create a dashboard about the reports updation status. We have multiple reports in SSRS, Tableau, Excel. so need to identify whether that report has been updated or not. I have the following columns

      1)Previous Upload Date:  is the date the report was last uploaded

      2)Creation Date:   When the report first entered the system

      3) Reporting Date: is a parameter that will need to be passed in the final iteration of the dashboard

      it should the date the user wants to know if the report was uploaded for instance

      If I wanted to know if a report should have been uploaded today I would set reporting date to today

      but if I wanted to know what reports weren't uploaded yesterday that should have been I would sent that parameter to yesterday

      4)Required Flag: is denoting if a report should have been uploaded on the system

      5)Upload flag: denotes if the report was uploaded on the reporting date


      Along with these columns i have Report id, Report Name, Report Type which i have used for creating one or 2 sheets but i nee to create reports with the above five columns also which i have mentioned but not able to decide what type of analysis and chart will complete my dashboard. So need help in that . If anybody can share the similar types of dshboard that will be very helpful


      all teh columns are dimensions in my data set  there are no measures .  so i am confused which visualization or chart should i use to do analysis of the above metrics



      Thanks In Advance





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          Dhanashree Arole



          Looks like you have lot going on w.r.t. status update. I would advise drafting final output for the dashboard that uses performance and/or risk indicators that are based on the dimensions that are of utmost importance to the stakeholders. Have you thought about stratification categories for these reports? Frequency on updating them is another criteria to focus how to update the weight for displaying it in dashboard.


          You have to either share the workbook if you have it packaged so that I can suggest some options or think about intended audience and their interests to design layout.