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    Grouping Combined Dimensions

    Thomas Knight

      I am having a problem grouping combined dimensions in order to calculate the percentage of the total population that is labelled a specific way.


      For example, I have 4 types of data (A-D), that have two status applied to them (Status 1 and Status 2) and I want to know the percentage of the overall population that have a certain status (IE. %age of any "Type" that is Paired & Matched of all eligible data is x%).  The data is laid out like this:

      I need to include everything that is Paired & Matched/Unmatched/Unmatched1/Unmatched2, but exclude everything else from the calculation.  I've tried using calculated fields to remove the relevant items, but trying to use "IF" and "AND" statements has not given me the correct answer.  When I used Combined Dimension functionality I could remove the data I did not need, but could then not group the remaining data into a single field so get the correct percentage.


      Any help would be appreciated!