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    View Data for distinct records

    Matthew Perry

      Hi there,


      Attached is a file that demonstrates an issue I would appreciate your help with.


      The table counts the number of distinct people in each region. I would then like to be able to click a number in the table and export a the list those of people. eg. I would expect that if I click a 1, I only export 1 row. Instead it is exporting all rows in the related table.


      Could somebody help me understand what I am doing incorrectly, or misunderstanding?




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          John Croft

          When you export, you will export everything in the table view. You will need to filter down the what you want to export somehow. If you want to stay with the click to narrow down what you want to export you can do this with an action filter.


          I've attached a workbook. See dashboard 3. When you click on the distinct counts now in the top chart, the bottom will now filter to your selection. You will need to click somewhere in the bottom table prior to exporting.


          Probably not ideally what you're looking for.