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    Week to week and compare year to week beginning at the 01/01

    Anna Kolodzej


      we've problems with date intervalls.



      At first we compare weeknumber x 2016 with the same weeknumber 2015, therefore we created a parameter so the user can choose the weeknumber and get the KPIs for them.



      We want columns in the same dashboard where the user sees the KPIs for the year to week:  Mindates are 01/01/2015 and 01/01/2016 and maxdates the last day of the week (the user chosen in parameter) 2016 and day 2015.




      isoweek 36 2016 (05.09.2016-11.09.2016) vs isoweek 36 2015 (31.08.2015-6.09.2016)


      year to week comparing

      01.01.2016-11.09.2016 vs 01.01.2015-11.09.2015


      Has anyone an idea how to solve this?


      Grettings from Cologne,