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    Conditional formatting of a cell in a table base on its value

    Tony Anthony

      I've seen a lot of suggestion on this topic, but I have not been able to find the answer to my issue.  My worksheet has three measures and four dimensions.The measures are: Previous Year Vale (pfy Value), Current Year Value (cfy Value) and Variance Value (var Value).  If the variance is negative the cell should be red.  If the variance is zero (0) the cell should be yellow.  If the variance is positive the cell background should be green.  I want the var Value column only to change color.In my worksheet all three columns change colors based of the value in the var Value column.


      The formula for the VarianceColor measure is:

           If Sum([Var Value]) = 0.00 then "Yellow"

           ELSEIF Sum([Var Value]) <= -0.000 then "Red"

           ELSEIF sum([Var Value]) > 0.00 then "green" END


      This is an example of what I like to do produced in Excel:


      I've attached a copy of the Tableau worksheet.  Any suggestions on how I can create such a worksheet would be greatly appreciated.