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    Using Parameters to create calculated fields

    Manuel Gruber



      I have the following question / problem:


      I got a list that looks like this:


      What I am trying to do now is to compare ONE Store to all other stores in a 'specific' way.


      Lets say I want to focus on StoreB.

      So the result should look like this:



      Mr. Moon with CustomerID 1 is buying in StoreA, StoreB and StoreC. If I focus on StoreB than StoreBs 'StorePartnerLevel' should be in an own column when / if the Customer also is buying in this store.


      I tried achieving this with a Parameter and a Calculated field, but this didn´t work the way I wanted.


      See the basic example attached(picture 1).


      I hope you guys can help me with that problem!


      Thanks a lot!