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    Showing %diff from previous month, but without explicitly showing previous month records

    Dimitris Mitrodimas

      Hi everyone,


      so here's what I'm trying to do. I have a time series showing some metrics for ports around the world. Below I have ranked the ports according to one metric (let's call it Port_Index).



      Obviously, I only want to rank the figures of the current month, I'm not interested in the ranking of previous months. So I have used a filter on month(timestamp).


      Now at each bar (i.e. each port), I want a label to show the %diff of Port_Index from the previous month. The problem is, having filtered out previous months, I get no results on the final view. On the other hand, If I include previous months in the view, the %diff is shown (to those ports where data for previous months are available) but I "spoil" the ranking, as you can see below:



      My question is: how can I get the "best of both worlds"? I want the ranking to be made correctly only on the current month, but I also want the labels to display %diff from the previous month without showing any extra bars of previous months.


      Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks in advance!