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    export to excel

    sarthak gandhi

      Hi Joe,

      Thanks a ton for this wonderful post, it helps a lot, i would like to know further about this as my client would like to export the only data which he has filtered.

      e.g:  just suppose i have given a date filter where client would like to select a date range then it will show only the relevant data to that date and if he is clicking on the export button then it should download only the relevant data not the complete sheet data.


      Is there any way we can implement this logic using Tableau 9.3.

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          Joe Oppelt

          Branched from this thread:export to excel


          Sarthak -- I'm involved in another thread where we are collecting the filter selections and building them into the URL string.  That thread is here:




          "Print" button on dashboard that will open current filtered state as pdf


          In that thread we're opening as a PDF, but the principle is the same.

          You will want to look closely at Jonathan Drummey's viz here:  Tableau Public


          He shows how to build a text string of all the values selected in a filter.  In the PDF thread we are working at collecting the string of dates.  You may also want to consider a "Start-date" and "End-date" parameter and pass those instead.


          In one workbook I use a calc field to build my URL with several parameters getting passed.  This is what it looks like:


          "https://(my server)/#/views/ScoreCardExcel/DonationAmountExcel.csv" +

          "?Is%20Pledged="+[Is Pledged]+

          "&Period%20to%20View="+[Period to View]+

          "&Fiscal%20Month="+str([Parameters].[Fiscal Month]) +

          "&Retention%20Category="+[Parameters].[Retention Category] +



          There are plenty of posts and white papers out there that also describe how to pass parameters and filter values on a URL string.