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    data base connection error

    Koti D

      Hi all,


      I have all the access(insert,update,select,delete) to DB2 table , I am able retrieve the data in db2 , but when I connect to db2 from tableau , I am getting the below error ,but in DB2 table have the data, may I know what is the error.





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          Andy Piper



          According to IBM Knowledge Center


          One of the following conditions is true:

          • No row was found that meets the search conditions specified in an UPDATE or DELETE statement.
          • The result of a SELECT statement was an empty table.
          • A FETCH statement was executed when the cursor was positioned after the last row of the result table.
          • The result of the SELECT used in an INSERT statement is empty.


          Not sure if you are using a custom SQL statement to connect to and import the data -- that is not mentioned in the initial post. However, you could troubleshoot further by trying the same import from Excel, Access or other application that can connect. If Excel or other app works, and Tableau does not, please provide more info (perhaps even the SQL being used).


          Hope this helps,