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    ‘Disconnect’ a calculated field from original data

    Bjarke Osmundsen

      Hi all,


      I have created a series of dashboards that are intended to provide the user with the opportunity of predicting the costs of a new construction project. This prediction is based on data from previous construction projects. The user is asked to add various factors (parameters) that are influential in terms of predicting costs. These parameters are subsequently added to a calculated field that calculate a data-based pricing overview for the wanted construction project.

      My challenge in this regards is that I want to compare the wanted project to previous construction projects in a simple graph. But, since the wanted project is calculated on behalf of the data from previous projects, then I cannot display the wanted project as a new individual project (it is displayed as part of the previous projects when I try to visualize it). Thus, I need a method for disconnecting the calculated field which calculates the wanted project from the original data.

      I have tried to disconnect the wanted project as a new instance in a calculated field, but without any luck.


      Any help and ideas will be appreciated.