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    Action Filters Going in aloop

    Anu Rekha

      Hi All




      I have an action filter to navigate from main dashboard to drilldown.


      It was just a breadcrum (just a text and action filter attached to it).No dimension or measure


      Then from the drill down to go back to main dashboard I am using the another breadcrum in drilldown.


      What happening is its going in loop after the click on the drilldown(ie acting like a macro, switching between dashboards continuously with out any clicks)


      I was not able to replicate in the attached example below.(only Furniture is enabled to demo purpose)


      from the main dashboad if clicked on furniture it should go to drilldown and if clicked on furniture from drilldown should navigate back to main dashboard.


      Please let me know whats happening if you have came across this before. Again I was not able to demo the actual problem in the below link.


      Tableau Public