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    Table calculation across Measure Names

    Michal Dul

      Is it possible to create table calculation across Measure Names?


      Attached workbook is good example of my question. I'd like to calculate ratio of displayed values, that is "Measure Values/CNT(Product Name)". It seems table calculation can be calculated only across "State".

      This is not my exact case, but it is good example (I have much more measures).



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          Simon Runc

          hi Michael,


          Just looking through some un-answered posts and came across this one!


          So although we have the Tableau generated Measure Names as a dimension, it is not a 'real' dimension (in that it doesn't have the same behaviour and flexibility as a dimension in the data). As such we are unable to use it as a partition in a table calculation.


          however it looks here like what you want is the %age of Product Count (as a %age of total products) which we can do. If you can let me know what you are trying to get to I'm happy to take a look.