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    Calculated field in crosstab title

    Paula Garzon

      Hi community,


      I've got a question. I've got a table with a title but as part of the title I want to display a calculated field which is the countd(employee). This calculated field is not part of the measures in the table. When I add the calculation to the title using something like this:


      Number of Employees: <aggr(EmployeeCount)> I get this : Number of Employees: 1 to 34 . So I get the number as a range, I would like to get it as a number. I would like it to say: Number of Employees: 34.


      This works if I just use a calculated field in a different worksheet as a tile only but as part of the title it doesn't seem to work.


      Any insights?


      Thank you!

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          David Li

          Hi Paula! This probably worked in the other sheet because it was used in the sheet itself. When it's in the sheet, it uses each cell's records to calculate the result, so you get an individual number. When it's in the title, Tableau can't display a single cell's value (since the title's domain is the entire data set), so it may display a range of all the values in all the cells instead.


          Do you have a packaged workbook you could share to make this easier to fix?