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    Tableau and BMC Remedy ITSM

    Dee Scott

      My Stakeholders have just been given a demo of Tableau and are understandably enthused about it.


      They are just about to have a new Incident Management tool deployed for their use built on BMC's Remedy ITSM.


      My work with Tableau so far has been entirely using Excel as my datasource and I am aware that Remedy ITSM can give me 'data dumps' into Excel but I am keen to explore whether we can connect direct to the source.


      So, given that I have not linked to any live data, I'd like to know if it is possible to use Remedy as a datasource? This is just a high-level feasibility question for now as I do not have access to any back-end technical data. However, before I say if it can be done and open the door to questions to our Remedy / Tableau support teams, I'd like to know A) *if* it can be done and B) when I look at the list of Connect > To a server? in Tableau, which it would be?


      Oh, and please bear in mind I am currently on Tableau 9.2.