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    Action Filter to navigate to a different dashboard(with all values also).

    Anu Rekha

      Hello All




      Hope all are doing well.



      I am working on a Visual having dual axis(bar chart and line chart)

      Bar chart shows total value where as line chart show specific category.



      I have a line chart where I have 7 lines(because of 7 categories) which don't look good.

      So creating an action filter on category(tiled on top of dashboard) to navigate to a different dashboard and show only line there,

      (So for user it look like he/she is on same dashboard)


      But the problem is when I use Action filter its filtered on that category, so bar chart and line chart point to same value.

      I have the use case where it still need total on bar chart.


      Example attached in below link(only 3 categories shown here)

      Tableau Public


      Can't use LOD due to some specific reasons. Looking for option like simply navigating to another dashboard and hide all categories other than required one.


      Could you please let me know if you have implemented this solutions before or have worked on similar solutions.

      Please assist..