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    Highlight Tables: Coloring null values

    tommy durant

      I love the way this viz looks


      Presidential Election Results 1916 - 2012 | Tableau Public


      I have profit by product by customer.  Some of the profits are negative . The issue is that if some of mu Customers dont have a specific product, it shows up as a null value.


      the issue this is causing is that the null values will be colored as a value near middle of my scale, when i want it colored their own unique color to help it stick out as an opportunity. Any help here?

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          Kathryn Bridges

          Hi Tommy,


          I'm a little confused as to why those folks with a null value would be showing up in the middle of your scale.


          In the attached example with Superstore data (looking at customer x product category, colored by product), you'll see a similar result to the Tableau Public one- when a value is null, it's just left blank (so you'll just see the color of the dashboard).


          Could you post your workbook so we could better understand the range of your data and what's going on with these null values?