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    Threshold Based on Sum of Groups using Discount Count.

    Kevin Britton

      I have grouped survey responses (1-5) into 3 groups (Promoter, Neutral, Inhibitor) -- I want to create a threshold/call out for when the total number of responses is less than 60 and another for when it is less than 30.


      My problem is two fold.

           1) the survey responses are summed using Count Distinct because of the data format

           2) Every formula i have tried to right sets the threshold for each group NOT the total across the three groups, which is my goal.


      Can anyone help me with this problem? Please and Thank you. 


      I attached a screenshot of the visualization -- I am hoping to add either a horizontal line where the thresholds are OR adding an asterisk as a new column next to the visualization that would indicate the threshold?


      Screen Shot 2016-09-22 at 11.08.22 AM.png

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          Lisa Li

          Hey Kevin,


          Have you tried a LOD calc yet? { fixed [Survey Group]: countd([Survey response]) }

          If that works, you can create a calculated field where:

                    if [LOD] < 30 then "Less than 30" elseif [LOD] <60 then "Less than 60" end

          And a case statement where:

                    case [Calculation]

                    when "Less than 30" then "**"

                    when "Less than 60" then "*"

                    else ""



          You can then drag the calculated field with the case statement to your Rows.


          If that LOD doesn't work, do you have any markup data/twbx file that you can send so I can understand the data format better?


          Hope it works!


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